Krone Krone

Lisbon, São Vicente de Fora

Lissabon, São Vicente de Fora

unknown maker 1765

State of preservation: restored 1956/57 by João Sampaio Filhos, in 1994 by Christine und Claudio Rainolter.

The organ of Lisbon, São Vicente de Fora most clearly represents the individual Portuguese organ with its specific differences to neighbouring Spain. The design of the case already shows neoclassicist elements, a big central tower with the biggest pipes  (contras de 24 palmos) rising above the reed battery. For a long time it was assumed to be made by Machado e Cerveira although it contains some stops not typical for him; in the meantime João Fontanes de Maqueixa is considered more likely.

Like in Spain the keyboards (and sliders) of organs in Portugal are consequently divided into a treble and a bass half, with some stops continuing over the gap (like here: Flautado de 24, Flautado de 12 or Cimbala 4f.), some others only in treble or only in the bass (compare treble: Flauta traversa, Flauta doce, Vox humana; bass: Contras de 24, Vintedozena 2-3f). Some of these complement each other, others are isolated and have no counterpart (like Flautado napolitana in Echo). The pitches of the stops also resemble those in Spain, usually measured in „Palmos" (spans [full span]). 24 Palmos resembling 16'.

Music sample:

D. de São José : Obra de 5° tom, Ausschnitt
Gespielt von João Vaz


2nd manual

bass number treble

Contras de 24 1 Flauta travessa
Flautado de 12 tapado 2 Flauta doce
Flautado de 6 tapado 3
Flautado de 12 4 Flautado de 12
Flautado de 24 5 Flautado de 24

6 Oitava magna
Oitava real 7 Oitava real 2f.
Quinzena 8
Clarão - 6 f. 9 Corneta real 8f.
Quinta real 10 Quinta em 12 2f.
Mistura imperial 2 f. 11 Quinzena Mista 4f.
Requinta 2 f. 12 Mistura imperial 6f.
Vintedozena 2-3 f. 13 Clarãozinho 7f.
Subcimbala 4f. 14 Subcimbala 4f.
Cimbala 4f. 15 Cimbala 4 f.
Trombeta real 16 Trombeta real
Baixãozinho 17 Clarim
Trompa de batalha 18 Trombeta marinha
Chirimia 19
Dulçaina 20 Dulçaina

21 Boé

22 Vox humana

Ist manual (Echo)

bass number treble
Flautado de 12 23 Flautado de 12
Flautado violao 24 Flautado de 12 tapado

25 Flautado napolitana
Flautado de 6 tapado 26 Flauta de 6
Quinzena 1-2 f. 27

28 Pifaro 2 f.

29 Oitava 2 f.
Nazardo 3 f. 30 Corneta 6 f.
Dezanovena 1-2 f. 31 Vintedozena 3 f.
Vintedozena 2 f. 32 Cornetilha 3 f.
Tolosana 3 f. 33 Cheio claro 5 f.
Sacabucha 34 Clarim



Carlos de Azevedo, Baroque Organ-Cases of Portugal, Amsterdam, Uitgeverij Frits Knuf, 1972.


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