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The old parish church in Mariana was built in 1704 following a pattern common for jesuit churches. A papal bull of 1745 established the diocesis of Mariana and the church was risen to the rank of cathedral. An organ by Arp Schnitger was acquired in Lisbon in 1752´which was erected on its own gallery.

The history of the Mariana organ could only be established in closer detail in the 20th century. Obviously Schnitger's journeyman  Hulencamp (Hulencampo) installed the organ in 1711 in the Fransciscan abbey in Lisbon. This organ was acquired by Father José de Oliveira from the organ maker Joâo da Cunha for Mariana. It was disestablished, packed in 18 crates and sent to Brasil by ship. With it detailed instructions for reestablishment, since the organ maker did not travel with the instrument. There is an angel statue on the orgaan case bearing the coat of arms of the Franciscan order revealing its first destination.

1974 the organ had this specification:

Compass C/F-c3 (short octave)

Upper manual (positive)
Bass: Flautado 8', Realeo em 5a, Voz. angelica 4', Estrepitoso (reed stop?) 8';
Descant: Principal 8', Forte, Flautino 4', Forte em 5a e 8a, Tarrecas (reed stop?) 16'

Lower manual (main organ)

Bass: Cromorne 8' bass, Cheio em 3a e 5a bass, Flautim treble, Voz celeste 4', Dulciana 8'

Descant: Cromorne 8 treble, Forte em 3a e 5a treble, Forte em 5a, Forte treble, Dulciana 8' treble

Considering the specification the organ has been remodeled several times. In1978 it was restored by Beckerath, in 2001 by Bernhardt Edskes.

Music sample:

Quitapesares, from "Sones de Órgano Del año 1743" (Anonymous; reducciones Jesuíticas de Paraguay, misiones de Chiquitos y Virreinato del Peru)

Specifications 1983 in comparison:



main organ

main organ



Inscriptions on the organ

Contrabaixo 24 (O)

Flautado 12 tap (S)

Flautado 24 (O)

Flautado 8'

Flautado 12 ab(S)

Flautado 12 (H)

Voz humana (O)


Faluta em oitava (S)

Bordao (H)

Voz angelica 4'

Oitava real (S)

Oitavo real (H)

Realejo em quinta

Dozena (S)

Quinta real (H)

Quinzena (S)

Quintadecima (H)

Forte em quinta

Cheio a 3 (15,19,22) (S)

Cheio 4 filas (O)


Cheio a 2(12,15) (S)

Cheio 2 filas Bass (H)

Corneta 5 filas Diskant (O)

Tarrecas (?)

Trombeta real (S)

Trombeta real (H)

Voz humana belica Bass (S)

Trombeta de marcha Bass (O)

Voz humana belica D (S)

Clarim D (O)


  chest positive

Cromorne 8'

Flautado 12 tap (S)

Flautado 12 (H)

Voz celeste 4'

Flautado 6 tap (S)

Flautado 6 (H)


Flautim D (S)

Flautilha D (H)


Quinzena (S)

Decimaquinte (H)

Forte em quinta

Dezanovena (S)

Decimanona (H)

Forte nos agudos

Vintdozena (S)

Vigesima segunda (H)

Cheio em 3a e 5a

Cheio a 2 (12,17) (S)

Cornetilha 2/3 (H,O)



Cheio 2/3 (O)


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