Krone Krone

Corvey (Höxter)

Andreas Schneider 1681

State of preservation: The instrument was modernised in c.1830 which was revised during restoration in 1963-65. Main organ and pedal have an original resp. restored spring chest.

The organ of Corvey is an early example of the relatively large baroque organs of Westphalia. Unlike organ makers elsewhere  the workshops of that region kept building spring chests, some other peculiarities of that region like the threefold Sesquialtera stop characterise the organ sounds of this region which transmitted many elements of Dutch organs to catholic western and southern Germany.


Disposition 1681/1965:

II+P; manuals C, D – c3; pedal C, D –d1

Bordun                     16’
Praestant                   8’
Viol di Gambe            8’
Gembshorn                8’
Quintadena                 8’
Quinte                          6’
Octav                            4’
Quinte                          3’
Groß Sesquialtera      2 2/3’+1 3/5’ 2f.
Flöte                             2’
Mixtur                           2’ 4f.
Zimbel 3f.
Dulzian                       16’
Trompete                     8’

Gedackt        8’
Octav             4’
Gedackt         4’
Gembshorn   4’
Quintflöte      3’
Blockflöt        2’
Spitzquint       11/2
Sesquialtera 3f.
Mixtur 3f.
Krummhorn   8’

Praestant       16’
Quintadena    16’
Octav                 8’
Mixtur               4’ 4f.
Rohrflötenbaß 1’
Posaune         16’
Trompete         8’
Cornet              4’

(modern:) 3 couplers, Tremulanten, Glockenspiel (D) in BW.


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