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s’Gravenhage (Den Haag), Oud-Katholieke Kerk

s’Gravenhage(Den Haag), Oud-Katholieke Kerk

Rudolf Garrels 1734-39

State of preservation: largely original.

Garrels' organ was replaced by a new instrument within the old case in 1910; the main organ was sold to Vollehowe, the parapet positive to Zeist. The old divisions by Garrels though proved themselves to be more durable than the 1910 instrument, and so the sold organ components could be bought back again in 1981 (HW) and 1990 (RP) and restored in 1993 by Flentrop.

Music sample:
J. S. Bach (1685-1750) : Die Kunst der Fuge BWV 1080,
Canon alla Decima Contrapuncto alla Terza

played by Bram Beekman


The organ by  Garrels is a typical example of a small Dutch organ of its time. The availability of two manuals was considered more important than a pedal. If ever needed a pedal usually was just attached to to the main organ where a single 16' stop could suffice as a fundament. Divided sliders for the 16' stop and the reeds offered additional support for the bass whenever needed.



Prestant              8’ (part. 1993)
Bordon              16’ (B+D; 1993/Garrels)
Holpijp                8’
Octaaf                 4’
Fluyt                   4’
Quintfluyt           3’ (1993)
Superoctaaf       2’
Cornet 4f.
Mixtuyr 4-6f.           (part.1993)
Trompet              8’ (B+D)

Holpijp          8’
Quintadeen  8’ (part. 1993)
Prestant       4’ (part. 1993)
Roerfluyt      4’
Octaaf           2’
Dulciaan       8’ (B+D; 1993)

P: (1993)
Subbas        16’

Couplers, Tremulant


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