Krone Krone

(Vreden-) Zwillbrock, St. Franziskus

Ascr. an organ maker of the Klausing family, about 1720

State of preservation: case and parts of the stops original; after many repairs reconstructed with new pedal in 1962 (reconstructed stops "R")

On first sight this instrument has some very astonishing features: Two lavishly expanded manuals lack a matching pedal, which was only attached to the main organ fulfilling all requirements of a pedal (16' fundament, outlined with a strong reed stop and enabling melody play in middle and high regions) but thus lacking contrast. This then cheap but unorthodox solution would hardly match modern organ playing styles and so an independent pedal was added in the 20th century.

Specification (c1720 after records):

II+aP; manual compass C-c3, short octaves

Principal               8’
Bordun                16’
Gedackt                 8’
Quinte                    6’
Oktav                      4’
Hollflöte                4’ (R)
Octav                      2’
Sesquialtera 2f.
Mixtur                    2’ 3f.
Zimbel                   ½’ 2f. (R)
Trompete              8’

Principal          4’
Gedackt            8’
Gedacktflöte    4’
Waldflöte          2’
Quinte               1 1/3
Mixtur               1’ 3f.
Vox humana     8’

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