Test Phase of Implementation of an IT Documentation Tool (Microsoft Dynamics Navision) in cooperaation with Hochschule Augsburg


This is the sequel to the previous "Einführung eines ERP-Systems beim Greifenberger Institut für Musikinstrumentenkunde - Projekt Historische Produktion und Dokumentation" in 2017/18. After choosing ERP-Software Dynamics Navision two students prepare the integration of the program into the working processes of our workshop.

Priorities are the support of everyday documentation of the various single work stages and the integration of previous forms of documentation (drawings, fotos, charts, manuscripts etc.) in an easy and useful manner.  Our previous materials and experiences gathered over the past projects are to be documented in ways to make them widely accessible. Since the program offers a broad range of planning and documentation tools which are not required in its complete scope a useful selection and pf those and a pre-structuring of our work processes will have to be established.

Foto: HSA_ops
Foto: HSA_ops

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