Krone Krone

Brescia, S.a Maria del Carmine

Orgel in Brescia, S. Maria del Carmine

Tomaso Meiarini snd Graziadio Antegnati (III) 1628-1633

Restored by Mascioni 1991.

The organ of Brescia S.a Maria del Carmine is a typical example of the Renaissance organ traditions transcending into the first half of the 17th century. The compass starts at F' therefore 12' resembles 8' related to C asf.; 4', 2' etc. ranks are fifths.

Like in the majority of italian organs of that time the stops consist of diapasons in single ranks from base fundament 12' to five octaves higher (3/8') and diapason fifths in four octaves. Sound variations were offered by two flute ranks one and two octaves above the fundament and a fifth between, and the undulating diapason (called here "Fiffaro"). This is the basic outline of Italian organs from the Renaissance to the Romantic.


Manual F’-c3 , pedal (attached) F’-c1 (without F#’ and G#’)

Prinzipale 12’ (B/S)
Ottava 6’
Decimaquinta 3’
Decimanona 2’
Vigesimaseconda 1½’
Vigesimasesta 1’
Vigesimanona ¾’

Trigesimaterza ½’
Trigesimasesta 3/8
Quadrigesima ¼’
Flauto in ottava 6’ (B/S)
Flauto in duodecima 4’
Flauto in quintadecima 3’ (conical)


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