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Nazareth (Pennsylvania), Whitefield House (Moravian Historical Society)

Nazareth (Pennsylvania), Whitefield House (Moravian Historical Society)

David Tannenberg 1776

State of preservation: original apart from the case color.

The organ was built for the chapel of the Single Brothers’ House in Bethlehem (PA), where Tannenberg  lived from  1749 to 1765. The dark color was applied about1830.  erhielt das Orgelgehäuse einen dunklen Anstrich. After about 1920 the instrument  was transfered from Bethlehem to Nazareth. Restoration in 1997 by R.J. Brunner & Co.

This is one of the earliest Tannenberg organs known and extant. It represents a typical chapel organ fro accompaniment of community singing. Gradually falling out of use in the 19th century the instrument was not modernised and kept its original state almost unchanged.


Music sample
by Philip T. D. Cooper

Manual compass C-d3

[Flaut amabile] 8’
[Viola da gamba] 8’
[Flöt duo] 4’
[Principal] 2’

The instrument itself and the source material has no stop names: those given here are derived from Tannenberg's use on other instruments


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