Marlis Dörhöfer,
Dipl. Restauratorin Univ.

After graduating grammar school I started studying Restaurierung, Kunsttechnologie und Konservierungswissenschaft at Technische Universität München in 2000. My diploma thesis in 2005 focussed on an  analysis of technics and development of a restoration concept for the so called „Peacock feather casket in Wilhelmsthal castle near Kassel“, a piece of Rococo furniture with unique surface decoration.

After several years of work for various restoration workshops and collaboration in prestigious restoration projects I opened my own Atelier für Restaurierung - RESTAURAT in Greifenberg am Ammersee in 2013 as a restorer of paintings, coloured and gilt wooden objects/furniture.

Encouraged by my musical interests and living in immediate vicinity my first contact with the Greifenberger Institut at a workshop concert was followed by an internship in preparation of my university studies, since 2012 by a regular collaboration in various projects.

Usually my restorer's task is the renewal of visual appearance, intended impression, and, occasionally, mechanical function of an object of art by unobtrusive, traceable and considerate means. The collaboration with the Greifenberger Institut adds another exciting aspect, the search for an original sound.

In many cases, in particular with very old instruments, only a scientifically based replica applying the historic materials and following the traditional can solve that task. This should include a reconstruction of a historically accurate visual appearance. Historic surface treatments, decorations, colouring, gilding and lacquering recreate the contemporary context of a representative precious piece of furniture.         

My work at the Greifenberger Institut offers an opportunity to extend my abilities and interests as a restorer beyond the common and link theory and practice in a peculiar way. 


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