Krone Krone

Lahm im Itzgrund, Schloßkirche

Heinrich d.J. and Heinrich Gottlieb Herbst, 1732

State of preservation: largely original.

 The first organist of this instrument was Johann Lorenz Bach (1695-1773) of the Schweinfurt branch of the family, nephew and pupil of Johann Sebastian Bach. Johann Lorenz received his first musical education outside his home presumably in Ohrdruf in 1712/13 from Johann Christoph Bach (1671-1721), Johann Sebastian's older brother, followed by several years with Johann Sebastian Bach in Weimar for getting further education to finally become „in der Vocal und Instrumental Music geübt und qualificirt“; also working as a copyist he probably also knew numerous organ works Bach had written up to that time. In 1718 Johann Lorenz Bach was called to Lahm as cantor and school teacher where he organised the church music until he died. Only few of his compositions are known and preserved.

Johann Lorenz Bach : Präludium and Fuge D-Dur

played by  Wilhelm Krumbach



I Hauptwerk CD–c3

Quinta Thöne 16′

Principal           8′

Viola di Gamba 8′

Gedact               8′

Quinta                6′

Octav                  4′

Flaut-Douce      4′

Nassat                3′

Super-Octav      2′

Mixtur 4f.
Trompet              8′

II Oberwerk CD–c3

Quinta Thöne      8′

Gems Horn          8′

Praestanda          4′

Flaut-Traversiere 4′

Waldflöte              2′

Sexquialtera 2f.
Cymbel 3f.
Vox humana          8′

Pedal  CD–d1
(in the parapet:)

Violon-Bass         16′

Principal                8′

Octav                       4′

Mixtur 5f.
Posaunen-Baß    16′

Trompete               8′

(at the back wall:)

Sub-Baß               16′

Quint-grosso        12′

Getact                      8′

Posaunen-Baß     32'

Coupler manuals, tremulants, Kalkantenglocke


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