Krone Krone

Belzig, Marienkirche

Orgel in Belzig, Marienkirche

Johann Adolarius Papenius 1746

State of preservation: 14 stops completely, the others of the  20 stops partly preserved.

Built for Hordorf bei Oschersleben;  remodeled in1832, in 1917 requisition of front pipes. Restoration by Schuke in1977-79 and afterwards moved to Belzig.

This organ from 1746 is one of the few preserved instruments of still in existence by the organ makers' family Papenius, predominant in the Harz region, originally made for Hordorf church. Papenius had certain difficulties to come to terms with the low ceiling of the Hordorf church and decided to place the usual top positive at the side of the main organ. It was a rather small organ in its time and region but nonetheless offering sufficient options for chorale as well as trio play.




Quintatön         16’
Prinzipal            8’
Gedackt              8’
Oktave                4’
Quinte                 3’
Superoktave      2’
Sesquialtera 2f.
Mixtur 4f.
Trompete           8’


Gedackt      8'

Traversa      8’ (D; from g0)
Oktave         4’
Prinzipal     2’
Quinte          1½’
Mixtur 3f.
Vox humana 8’ (D; from f0)

Subbaß   16’
Oktave      8’
Oktave      4’
Posaune 16’

Couplers SW/HW, HW/P


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