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Ferrara, S.a Francesca Romana

Orgel in Ferrara, S. Francesca Romana

Giovanni Fedrigotti 1657

State of preservation: Pedal and its „Contrabbassi“ added in the 18th century. Restored by Barthélemy Formentelli 1967.

The instrument appears like a prototype of an Italian organ of the Baroque.  One manual (the later pedal just an aid for some long held bass notes) is completely sufficient for italian organ music. The stop plan of a gapless diapason pyramid from lowest 8' to highest (here:) 2/3’ with two flute ranks (4’ and 22/3’) and the undulating diapason "Voce umana" offered the expected range of sounds.The only difference from the majority tradition is the compass beginning at C instead of F' as still common then.


I+aP; C-c3 (without C# and B flat)

Principale Soprani 8’
Voce Umana Soprani 8’
Principale Bassi 8’
Ottava 4’
Flauto in Ottava 4’
Flauto in Duodecima 22/3

Quintadecima 2’
Decimanona 11/3
Vigesimaseconda 1’
Vigesimasesta 2/3
Contrabbassi al Pedale 16’


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