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Treviso, San Nicolò

Treviso, San Nicolò

Gaetano Callido 1778/79

State of preservation: Restored 1975-1977 by Francesco Zanin

Callido's organ is one of the few Italian organs of the 18th century with two manuals. In a peculiar manner it shows the typical opposition of a Gran'Organo based on diapasons and the Positivo containing flute stops and "Tromboncini."  There is a remarkable difference in compass: the manual of the positivo ends on C,while the main organ ends "only" on F but with a 16' basis. So the organ is, in fact, a combination of a classical 12' main organ with 8' positive.



Manuals C-d3 (GO from F), Pedal C-b0 (C-B, repeated an octave higher)

Gran’Organo: (C-E silent; from F)

Principale B/S 12’ (16’ from F)
Voce umana 12’
Ottava 6’ (8’ ab F usw.)
Flauto in ottava (B/S) 6’
Flauto in duodecima 4’
Quintadecima 3’
Decimanona 2’
Vigesimasesta 1’
Vigesimanona ¾’ (ends on f2)
Trigesimaterza ½’ (ends on c2)


Principale (B/S) 8’
Voce umana 8’
Violetta bassa [8’]
Ottava 4’
Flauto in ottava 4’
Flauto in duodecima 2 2/3
Quintadecima 2’
Decimanona 1 1/3
Vigesimaseconda 1’
Tromboncini (B/S) 8’

Contrabbassi 16’
Ottava di Contrabbassi 8’
Duodecima di contrabbassi 5 1/3

Unione manuali (coupler), Tiratutti, Terza mano


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