Krone Krone

Doksy, sv. Bartoloměj

Doksy, sv. Bartoloměj



Copula     8’
Principal 4’
Spitzflet  4’
Nassat    3’
Quint       3’
Octav       2’
Quint       1 1/2
Mixtura   1’ 3f.
Regal      8’

Bauerflet   2’
Sedecima  1’


Václav Šlajch 1627

State of preservation: Case, pipes and parts of construction preserved..

This organ is one of the oldest instruments in Bohemia still largely original and has some peculiar features like the pedal with specific high harmonics, or the Regal stop in the front reminding Italian organs. Its placement in a side chapel prevented it from changes over time.

The sound ideas still followed Renaissance patterns, with several harmonic stops ( two ranks of fifths in 2 2/3’ and one in 1 1/3’) for synthesis of sound colours and brightening the Plenum.

Samuel Marckfelner (1621-1674): excerpts
played by Jaroslav Tůma


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