Stadl-Paura, Holy trinity

Johann Ignaz Egedacher 1723

For the triangular Holy Trinity church in Stadl-Paura, incorporated to Lambach abbey, a contract was signed in 1720 for three separate organs to be built by Johann Ignaz Egedacher who could deliver the instruments belatedly for Trinity sunday 1723. Neglected and ruined during the following centuries the instruments were reconstructed within church renovation in 1973-76  by Bruno Riedl with the use of some still existing original parts (cases, wind chest main organ, a few original pipes).


Specifications (1720):

Main organ („Gott-Vater-Orgel“):
Kupl             8’
Rohrfletten 8’
Octav            4’
Quint            3’
Mixtur          2’ 4f.
Cymbal [beyond contract, no details known]
SubPaß     16’

positive: („Gott-Sohn-Orgel“)
Coupl          8’
Pincipal       4’
Superoctav 2’
Duodez        1½’

“das dritte orglwerckh oder Positiv” („Heilig-Geist-Orgel”)
Coupl       8’
Flethen    4’
Octav        2’
Decima     1’

Q: Rupert Gottfried Frieberger, Der Orgelbau in Oberösterreich im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert, Innsbruck 1984, S.138-141, 450, Dok. 7


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