Krone Krone Krone

Krone Krone Krone

Malaga, Cathedral, Gospel organ and Epistle organ

Julián de la Orden 1781/82

A late medieval organ was replaced in 1598 which itself was replaced in 1659 by an organ of 11 partly divided stops.

When the internal redecoration of the cathedral was finished in around 1776 new organs should follow. On advice from Antonio Soler the chapter decided for Julián de la Orden, who built the two new instruments in 1781 and 1782 in new cases by José Martín de Aldehuela. The two organs are almost identical and almost unchanged. The Epistle organ has been restored by Organeria Acitores in 2000 and 2001.


Q: Gerhard Grenzing, Jordi Bosch – der unbekannte Meister, in: ISO Yearboo


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