Krone Krone

Berlin-Charlottenburg, Schloßkapelle („Eosanderkapelle“)

Arp Schnitger and Lambert Daniel Kastens 1706

State of preservation: war loss; reconstructed in 1969.


The deplorable loss of this most important instrument of Schnitger while he was court organ builder in Brandenburg is only partly diminished by its post-war reconstruction. In comparison to Schnitger's other organs it has been a rather small instrument of chamber music quality but with 8' fundament in both manuals. Creating noticeable sound differences between main organ and positive has been difficult because the organ was placed behind a pillar hidden by the front pipes of the positive.



Manual C, D, E-c3; Pedal C,D, E-d1

Principal 8’
Floite dues 8’
Gedact 8’
Octav 4’
Viol de gamb 4’
Nassat 3’
Super Octav 2’
Mixtur 4f.
Hoboy 8’
Vox humana 8’

Principal 8’
Gedact lieblich 8’
Octav 4’
Floite dues 4’
Octav 2’
Waldfloit 2’
Sesquialt 2f.
Scharf 3f.

Subbaß 16’
Octav 8’
Octav 4’
Nachthorn 2’
Mixtur 6f.
Posaunen 16’
Trommet 8’
Cornet 2’



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