Krone Krone Krone

Vilnius, Dominican church

Adam Gottlieb Casparini 1775-76

State of preservation: The organ is almost completely in its original state, and an important document far beyond the Baltic region.

Adam Gottlieb Casparini of Königsberg, court organ maker and grandson of Eugen Casparini (-> Görlitz) built an organ, with excellent sculptures by Anton Grossmann, following an organ type based on the works of Heinrich Gottfried Trost with rich colour qualities in 8' and 4'. The organ suffered no major changes over the centuries, only the old Vox humana had been replaced by a free reed stop in the 19th century.

In 2000 and 2001 the Göteborg Organ Art Center contracted Niclas Fredriksson with a complete documentation which fromed the base of a restoration by  UAB Vilniaus vargonų dirbtuvė and the organ maker Jānis Kalniņš. A replica was based on the documentation as well and was erected in Christ Church of Rochester NY (in cooperation with the Eastman School of Music).



(C – c³)

Qvintatena        16'

Principal             8'

Bordun              16'

Holflaut               8'

Flaut Travers      4'

Octava principal 4'

Qvinta                   3'

Super Octava       2'

Flasch Flöt           2'

Tertia                     1 3/5'

Mixtura 5f.

Trompet                [8']

(Pos) Claviatura Secunda

Iula                           8'

Principal                  8'

Unda maris             8'

Flaut major             8'

Principal                 [4']

Spiel Flöt                  4'

Flaut Minor              4'

Octava                       2'

Wald Flöt                  2'

Mixtura 4ch.

Vox Humana             8' (Jānis Kalniņš 2005)



(C – c¹)

Principal Bass        16'.

Violon Bass            (16')

Octava Bass               8'

Flaut & Quint Bass   8'

Full Bass                  12.

Super Octava Bass   4'

Posaun Bass           16'

Trompet Bass            8'


Gwiazdy; Vox companorum, Bebny

Ventil ad Clavituram Primam

Ventil ad Clavituram secundam

Ventil Pedall



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