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Arp Schnitger 1685-1687 using material of the previous organ by Dirck Hoyer 1581

State of preservation: majority original. One stop by Georg Wilhelm Wilhelmy 1775, another lost in 1909 and restored in 1947/48 and 1987 by Rudolf von Beckerath.


Arp Schnitger, living in Steinkirchen, built a new organ using old ranks as usual whenever possible. The old substance of the  stop Rohr Flöt shows the usual compass of F to a2 of Dirck Hoyer's organ. Hoyer already had used older pipes obviously because the ranks Octav 4’ and 2’ (HW) appear to have been made in the early 16th or even 15th century. So this organ represents almost half a millenium of organ history.
The organ case shows the idea of the „Hamburger Prospekt“ in quite an unexpected way. The pedal towers stand free and integrated into the parapet in some distance to the main organ containing both manual divisions atop of each other. This extraordinarily benefits sound expansion, in particular of the pedal with a series of high melody stops. This supports organ trio playing as well as the Lutheran organ chorale with a slow melody line in the pedal. It thus witnesses the close link between organ architecture and musical structure.

Music sample:

J.S. Bach : Herr Gott, nun sei gepreiset(Orgelbüchlein) BWV 601
Gespielt von Alexander Fiseisky



II+P; Manual C, D, E, F, G, A – c3, pedal C, D, E- d1

Quintadena 16’ (Schnitger to e, from f Hoyer)
Principal 8’ (Schnitger)
Rohr Flöt 8’ (F-g2, a2 Hoyer, others Schnitger)
Octav 4’ (majority a1581)
Nassat 3’ (C-g Hoyer, from g# Schnitger)
Octav 2’ (a1581)
Gemshorn 2’ (Schnitger)
Sex Quialter 2f. (Schnitger)
Mixtur 4-6f. (v. Beckerath)
Cimbel 3f. (v. Beckerath)
Trompet 8’ (Schnitger)
Gedact 8’ (v. Beckerath)
Rohr Flöht 4’ (Schnitger)
Quinta 3’ (originally 1 1 / 3 ’)
Octave 2’ (Schnitger)
Spitz Flöth 2’ (Schnitger)
Tertzian 2f. (majority Schnitger, 11 pipes v. Beckerath)
Scharff 3-4f. (Schnitger)
Krumphorn 8’ (Schnitger to B, from c Hoyer)
Principal 16’ (Schnitger)
Octav 8’ (Wilhelmy)
Octav 4’ (Schnitger)
Nachthorn 2’ (v. Beckerath)
Rausch Pfeiff 2f. (v. Beckerath under preservation of original material)
Mixtur 4-5f. (v. Beckerath under preservation of original material)
Posaune 16’ (Schnitger)
Trompet 8’ (Schnitger)
Cornet 2’ (v. Beckerath under preservation of original material)

 Manual coupler, 3 stop knobs, tremulant (v. B.), cimbelstern.


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